In the frames of the project Engagement & Beyond, four Intellectual Outputs were produced. They provide a kind of complete toolkit for measuring and possible ways of increasing the elvel of engagement in the field of education.

O1 - Foundation Study

O1 is a Foundation Study consisting of the summary of interviews with 16 business and 19 educational leaders, on the one hand. Leaders provided their experience and opinions in various topics related to engagement, which, to some extent, allowed the comparison of the issue in both sectors. Another major part of the study summarizes update relevant literature. Based on the study, an extract was produced with conclusions and suggestions useful for the project.

Both the study and the extract are available in downloadable format in English and Hungarian.

Foundation Study


O2 - Questionnaire

O2 is a questionnaire, consisting of 42 statements on a Moodle-platform specially developed for this purpose. After participants fill in the questionnaire, their results appear in visually attractive and clear ways while their anonimity remains preserved.  The leader will have access to the summarized results of the organisation where individual responses can not be identified. Based on the average scores of responses to the questions, strengths and areas to be improved can be selected on organisational level. As a next step, an action plan will be prepared, the accomplishment of which results in the increase of engagement level and hopefully in higher level of satisfaction among staff at the same time.

The questionnaire, after registration, has free access and is available in four languages (English, German, Hungarian and Polish).

In case of interest in filling in the questionnaire, please, contact us at

O3 - User Manual

O3 is the User Manual describing each step of using the toolkit from registering on the platform to interpreting the data on organisational level and after. The reader will find a code of ethics and some major data protection aspects, too, in it. The FAQ section includes a number of answers in various issues related to the toolkit. In the Annex part you will find all the statements of the questionnaire (O2) and also a few examples from the set of the motivational contents (O4).

The User Manual is available in four languages (English, German, Hungarian and Polish) and can freely be downloaded.

User Manual

O4 - Toolset

O4 – The Output is a tool designed for individual professional development, built-in as a separate module on the same Moodle-platform as O2. After filling in the questionnaire of O2, according to the individual results, respondents receive diverse contents supporting their professional development and inspiration. In the set of contents TED-videos, short articles and other items of interest are available. The system is gamified, thus, participants can collect badges and target to reach the higher levels. In the Annex section of the User Manual (O3), you can find some examples of the contents.

Please, keep in mind that the motivational contents of O4 are not available before or without filling in the questionnaire.


In case of interest in any of the above, please, do not hesitate to contact us at